“I could not be happier with the results of my cataract surgery with Dr. Davidson. I went from juggling three pairs of glasses to not needing any at all.” – Linda

“At five years old a balloon popping and hitting my eye began my long struggle with vision. It only became progressively worse over the years. After cataract surgery with Dr. Davidson I now have the vision that I had before that awful pop.” – Bob

“I went through two years of utter ridiculousness before having cataract surgery with Dr. Davidson. Headaches were common and white was a color that no longer existed for me. Today I no longer need any corrective eye wear at all and white is back!” – Cindy

“My life had changed dramatically due to my vision loss. The breaking point for me was when I couldn’t see my grand-daughter’s face in her dance recital. Two weeks after my cataract surgery with Dr. Davidson I was able to pick out her beautiful face amongst a sea of pink tutus.” – Gloria

“My fear of surgery had me put off seeing an Ophthalmologist for years. When I finally did go in to see Dr. Davidson the large E on the eye chart was a blur. My advice to others struggling with their vision is don’t put it off – go see Dr. Davidson.” – Martin.

“My vision was such that I no longer felt safe driving independently and lived in fear of not being able to perform my job. The results of my cataract surgery with Dr. Davidson were amazing. The day after surgery I was able to see something that I hadn’t in years – the Superstition Mountains off in the distance.” – Terri